The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

How do you improve upon perfection? Is it even possible to do so, considering that it’s supposed to be, you know perfect. In any case, it’s always remarkable when something that seems incapable of getting any better does just that. In the best case, scenarios audiences learn to appreciate new things, about a beloved classic and are sometimes inspired to wonder what else is possible.

But there’s also always an inherent risk in trying to improve upon perfection and Nintendo took some of those big risks when they started to rethink reign with one of their most revered titles. It’S been regarded by many as one of the most perfect games of all time and I’ll see for myself. That’S still the case when I recompete the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, hey everyone and welcome to the completionist New Game+, where I am recomputing the first one 120 games I ever featured here on my channel.

My name is Gerard Khalil in ocarina of time is one of those games that I had plenty of fond memories of long before I ever completed here on the show really before I was even a true completionist, I must have rented it no less than 15 times Before I finally even just finished the game and the fact that I had to rent it in 64, along with it, she demonstrated just how much I was into this game, and I’m not alone. Ocarina of Time is a cultural touchstone that was still relevant way back when I first completed it on November 1st 2013, I was psyched to dive into it at the time, since it wasn’t the old n64 version that I was used to. Instead, I, along with all-around good guide peanut-butter gamer, completed the GameCube version, which came as a special bonus for those who pre-ordered the Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker, and that special version of ocarina also came with a remixed edition of the game, known as Master Quest, Which featured tougher difficulty and remix dungeon layouts? That was a lot of Zelda for your buck, but the more the merrier right, well kind of with its slew of side, quests and collectibles. Completing ocarina of time would be time consuming on its own. But when you double that time, with the addition of the Master Quest, you end up spending enough time with the game to notice some of its less than perfect qualities.

Oh, I thought I’d never have to catch the Hylian loach again, but those rough edges were the outliers. The vast majority of Ocarina of Time fully deserved all the praise it regularly receives. Even when you have to do every last thing, there is to do in the game, out of all of the many adventures about a young boy, dressed in green, who saves the world with the power of his courage. Ocarina of time is unquestionably one of the best, which is why I originally gave this game its rating of finish it. But there’s yet another way to play ocarina, which is the version that I’ll be covering today. Back in 2011, Nintendo released an updated edition known as Ocarina of Time 3d for well.

The 3ds, and this remake in my eyes, is a game changer in a partner with grezzo. It was completely rebuilt from the ground up with significantly improved visuals, snappier controls and updated UI, and even some brand-new content, plus the Master Quest is included right on the same cartridge which might make this the most definitive version of Ocarina of Time. Well, maybe normally anyone would welcome improvements to their favorite game with open arms, but ocarina is such a sacred cow that even the smallest, most subtle alterations could throw the game’s balance out of whack rousing the ire of millions of hardcore old-school fans. After all, if ocarina is already close to perfect, then any attempt to improve it might just have the opposite effect. Well, thankfully, with ocarina of time 3d. That is definitely not the case.

This ain’t, your daddy’s ocarina and thankfully, almost every change that’s been made – has drastically improved the experience for soft. Just look at this. Everything looks far better than the original, which is obvious, but what may not be obvious is how those visual enhancements make me care that much more about this game and it’s an abbot. It’S all the same beloved locations are still here, but the few flap pre-rendered backgrounds from before have been replaced with full polygons, making the whole game far more visually consistent. As a result, not only is Hyrule prettier.

It also feels that much more like a real place. The models themselves seem to have received the biggest facelifts, and that goes for every character, from link himself to all the NPC’s, to all the bad guys who still really like to show their butts good old, booty weak spots. But more importantly, because these characters look less blocky and more natural they’re, actually more endearing. I cared more about these characters than I ever have before, because they look better than they ever have before. Alright, that sounded kind of shallow. All of these graphical upgrades are possible due to Ocarina 3ds, not being in emulation like many other ports at the game, it’s been painstakingly rebuilt, complete with a few fresh animations, all in glorious 30fps and hey at least it’s not 20 FPS and middle E. There are a few moments of weirdness with these new visuals, like the lack of blood in some areas or an overabundance of rightness, ruining the atmosphere of other areas.

For the most part, the new looks are a clear step up and that goes double for the new menu system. First off the HUD has, for the most part, migrated down to the tree. Dss bottom screen look at all that room for beautiful scenery, Kings, auras ass is now completely unobscured. Just the way the goddesses intended ocarinas menu screen is important to completionists, since it’s always acted as a kind of de-facto completion checklist. If there’s still space on it, you know you’ve still got more to do, and that’s still the case, but now it’s so much easier to use.

Now you don’t have to cycle through screen after screen to get the sub menu you want. You can instantly access your gear, your items or the map at the touch of well, not really a button. The touch screen, the Ocarina of Time itself, which players have to about all the time, has been given its own permanent home down. Here too, and even though we’re technically down a button or two compared to the NCC force controller, we’ve got two extra virtual buttons on the 3ds version.

Plus items now have neat descriptions and the layout of the menu can be customized to the players liking. All this stuff is small changes, making a big difference to both form and function, and it’s one of the best benefits to remakes like this one also. I was really surprised with how well gyro technology was implemented into ocarina 3ds. I know it might sound dubious due to the dreaded motion controls but being able to augment your traditional, aiming with slight hand.

Movements feels pretty intuitive honestly. The 3d has itself felt incredibly comfortable in my hands, while playing this game almost like a little musical instrument onto itself. We’Re fighting the musical themes in the game am, I am i reaching in any case, even attempting to tweak the controls at all was a big risk on the developers part, but I think it paid off nicely, but there are plenty of quality of life changes that Aren’T so risky and that just about everyone can get behind like the faster tech speed, thank God and this little cutscene that plays when you first enter the forest temple, which shows you the location of that one bastard chest with the key that I always forgot about. You know man the changes to the water temple look.

I was never the type of guide to be mown, the cruelty of the water temple. It was challenging back in the day and it was a little too easy to get turned around due to some sloppy design. Here in, but now they fully color-coded the three areas where players can alter the water levels.

The dungeon is still challenging. They’Ve just made things clearer without getting in the way of the fun speaking of not getting in the way. Let’S not forget about maybe the best single improvement ocarina 3d brings to the table. The fact that your special boots can now be assigned to your item. Sloths previously completing the water temple meant having to pause the game, go into your items, page equipping the iron boots, unpause the game, complete the small task and then often do the whole thing all over again to equip the regular boots again only moments later, and now These items are treated like actual items, which makes this dungeon and the rest of the game for that matter feel far better than before. It’S yet another subtle change.

That goes a long way, which seems to be the mo for how grezzo handled this project and they’re erring on the side of caution is probably why we only got one truly brand new feature in this version. It’S a mode that allows you to challenge any boss. You’Ve already defeated at your leisure if you hike all the way back to Lynx bed, you can battle to your heart’s content.

The time limit and pre selected item loadouts, it’s a fun little diversion that only gets better when you read defeat each boss. Doing so, will unlock boss gauntlet mode, which is exactly what it sounds like Lynx. Bed of nightmares is a great addition that never gets in the way cuz if you’re an ocarina of time purist. You can just ignore this mode all together, and I have to admit that I’m sometimes one of those people often I advocate for not changing beloved classics lest we risk another Lucas situation.

But this game is a testament to the fact that even the most revered classics should sometimes be disassembled and put back together again, because you just might end up improving them, but make no mistake. This game is mostly the same old Ocarina of Time. It still tasks. Players with traveling back and forth across the hyrule field, hub a conquering dungeon after dungeon until you stab a dude in the head and the side, quests are still there from the good, not so good. Alright, look I’m all of other side missions that have significant rewards behind them, like the quest for the big or on sword. Every kid felt like they could take on the world when they swung around that big, Daddy and getting rewarded with the absolute power of nothingness.

Aka, the bottles was always totally worth it. You can never get enough bottles, man, then the hard pieces. I know there are a critical part of Zelda history and they actually provide some sense of character progression.

But, to be honest, sometimes they just don’t feel like they’re worth the trouble, like 75 % of the time, seeing a brand new heart added to your life bar feels dope, but most of the time when you’re only part of the way there. It just feels like you’ve, completed a mission or explored your heart out for what feels like nothing, I’m not suggesting they should have attempted to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the heart pieces they shouldn’t have when you have to collect every single heart piece in The game twice you become painfully aware of just how useless some of those last extra hearts end up, feeling. Speaking of feeling useless, meet the golden skull, Chile’s they’re still hidden all over the place.

There are still a ton of them and the motivation for finding them all still dries up prematurely. Sure the creepy spider family periodically rewards you for killing them. But what you get isn’t that exciting? In the end, and at a certain point, they just stop giving you things until you kill the very last skull Chula, not to mention how many of the golden skull Chile’s are in different spots in the master quest yeah.

That keeps things fresh herb, but it also adds a few more hours onto this completion journey. Let me make it clear that I don’t dislike hunting for heart pieces and skull Chile’s. I just wish the reward for collecting all of them were better paced and that I could never have to look at these faces ever again, but there’s just no saving the fishing nope. It couldn’t be done. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to think of any game with the fishing minigame that I actually find fun.

But this one right here takes the cake when it comes to lack of fun. You better believe that you still got a hook. The elusive Hylian loach and it’s just as much of a slugs that always has been it’s somewhat improved – thinks the prettier fishing area, but it’s the exact opposite of what I want to be doing in an adventure game on the 3ds last time I completed ocarina of Time fishing for the loach was easily my least favorite part of the completion process and some things never change.

It’S also worth noting that once again, getting these loaches does absolutely nothing. It’S just pure bragging rights. I do have some new thoughts on the Master Quest, though first off, you have to unlock it this time around by beating the regular version of the game, but in addition to the remix, dungeons and double damage for link, the entire game is now me flipped. It’S kind of weird, but anything to make a distinct from the original version is a welcome change. Here’S the thing, while the Master Quest has always been considered more challenging than its counterpart, I’m now finding that some of its puzzles and dungeon designs are straight-up inferior to the original ocarinas like this room right here, where the only way to get out of it is To notice that small, almost imperceptible, interactable sticking out of the wall and then boomeranging it to unlock the door, that’s not the challenging twist on the familiar, that’s just annoying and that’s the kind of thing. That’S all over this Master Quest.

The mode is a great idea, and it’s still a great time, but it’s become painfully obvious about how meticulously designed the original dungeons were and messing with them in any way is gon na be tough to balance. Maybe I’m just noticing this stuff now, because I’m now actually streaming these games, while completing them live in front of people having to interact with people. While I play forces me to think about and voice my opinions on these games way more, which eventually gets me to the point where I can admit that rooms like this suck man but for the most part the Master Quest feels like a nice little hard mode.

For those who want something extra, after all, completing ocarina of time doesn’t take multiple, playthroughs or anything, and besides links, nighttime beddie-bye, boss mode in both versions, there are no significant extra modes to take care of Master Quest is a welcome feature, but it also highlights just How much better than the original is and ocarinas quality has been apparent since day one and I’m starting to realize that that may be, because deep down this game is all about growing up, which is something we all can relate to. Obviously, link grows up. It’S the narrative and mechanical crux of the whole game, and I love that fourth dimensional gameplay. It’S always dope to see how links actions in the past affect the gameplay in the future. But I think that the themes of maturity and taking on responsibility run throughout the rest of the game. To link accepts the immense responsibility of saving the kingdom and has to grow in every sense of the word to set things right.

Zelda is forced to grow into someone that she kind of never intended to just in order to survive even side. Characters like princess Rudo grow from entitled brats into selfless saviors. Even the freakishly large man, children, carpenters, learn to take their job seriously, but ocarina of time also represents a moment in history when gaming kind of grew up the transition.

The polygons was still very recent at the time and to many, this game was their first foray into an open world 3d adventure. Much like an actual person. Ocarina of Time takes the wisdom and the lessons from its past, namely all of its influences from a Link to the Past and utilizes them to become something new. This game laid the groundwork for so many things to follow, and once it hit shelves, nothing was ever really the same again.

It changed how we think of video games, which means that we too drew up for many. This game was the moment in which they stepped out of their 2d side-scrolling comfort zone and tried something new for the first time and most of those who did were undoubtedly inspired or otherwise changed by it by today’s standards, ocarina of time might seem pretty small. In fact, it seems smaller to me every time I pick it up. I swear this field used to be bigger, but I guess that’s just evidence of me broadening my horizons.

I’Ve grown up and saw, if many of you I’m glad that ocarina of time 3d exists. So we can easily relive our past and share this important memory in our history with those who haven’t quite grown up yetman. This would have been the perfect time to introduce some new unlockables to ocarina of time. The only thing you really unlock is the master quest, but how nice would have been to earn some cool, artwork or pieces of music along the way, then maybe those last skull Chile’s wouldn’t have felt so tedious just give me something for hunting down that damn eel Again, but no there’s no bonuses to see here folks, but far, be it from me to criticize ocarina of time for not providing even more cool stuff. On top of all the other cool things that it already brings to the table, especially with all the improvements made in this 3d version may have taken a long time to track down every collectible and complete every quest in both versions, and I can’t lie. I still love this game when I reek impleaded The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time there were nine deaths.

Look I don’t remember how many times I died. The first time I completed this thing back in 2013, but I know it couldn’t have been less than this. I mean I’ve only gotten better at beating games, I hope a teen full dungeons completed. They were great before, and I think I liked him even better now, what with breath of the wild and its non-traditional, somewhat contentious dungeons fresh in my mind, dungeons are the best part about any Zelda game. 73 heart pieces collected just like the first time around. These felt great to collect about 1/4 of the time two hundred golden skull chalice slain.

As my previous completion, the gap between 50th and 100 is excruciating, and even the endless rupees you get as a reward for killing the last one doesn’t make up for it. 77 hours of total playtime and 0 times, I have to catch that damn loach ever again ever in my life for real this time until every do majora’s mask and majora’s mask 3d. Damn it Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time, and this edition makes it even better, which makes this the definitive way to play the game. In my opinion, completing it is still a great time, but it also takes time due to all the collectables and the second playthrough on Master Quest Mode. I’D recommend completing it if it weren’t for the lack of rewards for all your efforts.

So with that in mind, guys, I give The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d, as my completionist rating of finish it that’s all the time we have today guys so please, as always, let us know which you thought about today’s episode somewhere on the Internet. This new format, a new game+, is something we’re trying to be different, we’re always trying to evolve these shows and and look forward to the future of our company and create something we want to see. So let us know what you thought about today’s episode and down below we’re really listening and paying attention and try not to be too rude.

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I’Ve been drawing the completionist and I’ll see you next week for another brand new episode: bye.