PRO Gamer testing the NEW Game ANTHEM Highlights

Guys I don’t know how to play this shit So I hope they don’t throw me into anything crazy and if these are the graphics, this is beautiful prions Oh, thank goodness. You survived a Japanese a recent. I’ll bring system’s back one at a time salty voice recognition Hey female voice and man Hey Hey, can you hear me?

You need to get this entrance? Shut it down by Sunnis in the Senate. I’m good Holy crap, dude is still critical buy more panic when you add God this looks awesome No, baby, no too far just sorry console be right back How do you freaking play though? Okay, press hey All right, cool dude this place freakin awesome Holy crap, dude Oh Wait, so, okay.

Don’t worry. I got this fake We got this Oh, oh snap. Oh, I love this already. Holy crap So far but I can hear it too Dude this is insane Okay, so that’s why I couldn’t freaking fly or do whatever Good He’s gone, I’m sorry nah He’s dead inside as well This mission is over Micah don’t look at this way we have to start at the Cenotaph here I Thought we’re gonna have to fight it that all the hard work for me No flies away So you can see my effect so far easy keeps you alive.

We call this living Expecting sensors every month and that based events not exactly the freelancer model We can enjoy all the gorgeous scenery Bastion has to offer lying around it’s even better Now I’m jealous. Whoa. This is beautiful Whoa We grab dude, this is just fucking awesome. Do you seems a hard reset?

Man this is fucking cool. Shit. Geez. Hold on man. Let me just look at this.

Look at this game I see it’s nothing you go company Talk to me. Yes. I’m trying to work out Schafer. Did you said increase it please just a warm-up. I’m pretty used to it pacifism Anything’s possible keep power through it or else Today I have an idea. Give me a second It’s just a normal pieces, I think it’s just office This pregnancy relative new outs grab that back together.

Oh and wrinkle companies on the way What the fuck is this man what what do you expect me to do? Hey guys, how about you leave me the fuck alone once All right The place there’s something I see multiple hurry Nice oh, no, I froze it again. Okay Okay, I’m gonna pick up the other one All right Yo leave me the fuck alone asshole, I got a place it on this one Gotta pick this one sizes the real fast me God gives intervals Okay Gentle anything’s possible. I Have a fetish is it a buzz? Nobody ever wins?

Hey, thank you. He decipherable puzzles already make sense changes, though I mean this ice carry on This game well, at least now I got a news story that’s why the relic spoon to John insects. They told us a hoe. Yeah Oscillation This game is fucking awesome Welcome to anthem everybody. Oh my god, that was